Merck to Buy Immunotherapy Developer Immune Design for $300 Million in Cash

                                                                                          Issue # 2878 | February 22nd, 2019      

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Merck to Buy Immunotherapy Developer Immune Design for $300 Million in Cash

Merck & Co has announced that it will acquire Immune Design for nearly $300 million in cash to gain access to the company's immunotherapy programs. Seattle based Immune Design's pipeline includes late-stage immunotherapy technologies such as Glaas and Zvex. These treatments help activate the immune system to produce or expand specific immune cells to fight cancer and other diseases. No word yet as to what, if any, changes can be expected as a result of the acqusiiton which is expected to close early in the second quarter of 2019. Learn More

Allogene Inks Lease for New Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility
Allogene Therapeutics, maker of allogeneic T cell therapies, has leased a 118,000-square-foot space in Newark, California, to develop a manufacturing facility. The facility's production processes will meet good manufacturing practice standards and provide the clinical supply and commercial product for Allogene's cell therapies pending regulatory approval. Currently, the biotech gets its clinical trial supply through a contracting organization - though that should continue to be "a component of the company's long-term manufacturing strategy." The lease is expected to commence in March 2020. Learn More

Keep Calm and Carry On: How to Survive an FDA Inspection

A great blog written by Aoife Brennan, CEO of Synlogic, has been posted on the Life Sci VC website this week. An excerpt from which reads "It was apparently random, although I secretly suspect it was karmic punishment for my lack of imagination in writing the 2019 quality goal. It has been 'Maintain the quality management system and documentation in inspection-ready form' for the past 3 years. While we take quality and regulation seriously, our assumption, like that of many early-phase companies, had been that an actual FDA inspection was several years off..." Be sure to read the rest of this posting, it is at once both informative and entertaining. Learn More

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Dissenters are often dismissed as disruptive, disrespectful and annoying. But when it comes to business, challenging the status quo can bring much needed change to any organization. Andrew Millar defends the dissenters of the world, arguing that these stalwarts are arguing out of compassion with an aim to improve ideas. In this impassioned talk, Millar shares lessons that any company or loyal objector can use to work strengthen their organization. Learn More

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